Import Appointments from other Calendars

Daysi can import appointments from other external calendars and have them created as "read-only" appointments in Daysi.
It is e.g. possible to import appointments from TeamsSnap, Team Cowboy TeamApp that are used used by many sports- and football clubs. It is also possible to import appointments from many other external calendars - they must just supportthe iCal calendar format.

Share the Calendar with another Family

The calendar for a single Family member can be shared with another family.
This can be very usefull if the children are connected to two Families -
with co-parenting and both families
have a need to see their calendar.

Create Daysi Appointments in External Calendar

The appointments created in Daysi to a specific Family Member can be automatically created in an external calendar.
By specifying an external e-mail address for the individual family member,
an e-mail will be sent with the appointment that has been created,
which then will be imported into the external calendar.

Print-Out Week Calendar

The weekly schedule can be printed with an overview of all activities and appointments for a specific week.
This overview can be used to hang in the kitchen so you can quickly get a visual overview of the week's appointments.

No advertisments in the App

In the Premium version, we have also removed all Ads
so that they do not interfere when using the App.
Both the Banner advertisments at the bottom of the App and the "Full-size" advertisments has been removed.

Week Number

In the Month overview, Week no is displayed so you
can quickly find the right week.

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