My Daysi Family Calendar

The first user you create in your Daysi Family Calendar becomes automatically the administrator of your Daysi Calendar.

The Family Administrator is also a Family Member and can also administrate the account with creating additional Family Members, configuring the Calendar and so on.

To create your Daysi Family Calendar and the first user please do as follows:

  • Open the Daysi Family Calendar App on your Phone
  • Tab the “Sign Up” button and fill out the following fields:
    • Family Name
    • Picture of your Family (can be changed later)
    • Your First name
    • Your E-mail address
    • Confirmation of your E-mail address
    • Your Birthday (a Birthday event will automatically be created on this day)
    • Password
    • Confirmation of the Password
  • When you Tab the Create Button your Family and the first Family Member will be created

All your Family Members should be created as users in Daysi and also download the App on their smartphone – iPhone or Android.

You can create up to 8 Family Members in Daysi Family Calendar

Please do the following to create a Famioy Member:

  • Tab on the Menu icon at the top Left corner of the App
  • Choose the Family Setting menu item
  • Tab on the “+” icon
  • Fill out the different fields to create a Family Member
  • Tab the Add Member button at the bottom of the screen

The new Family Member will receive a mail with the Login information and after download of the App the Family Member kan use the information to log into Daysi Family Calendar.

When the Daysi Family Calendar App is installed on your Phone you are ready to Login to the Calendar.

  • Open the App by clicking on the Daysi Icon
  • Press the “login” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Use the Username/Password that you have received in a mail to Login into Daysi.
  • You do not need to Login every time you open the App, ad the Login information will be remembered.

Note: It is the Family Administrator who creates the Family Members in your Daysi Family.

If one of the Family memebrs that you want to create does not have an E-mail address, you just need to type a Name in the “E-mail/Name” field.

After this you must do as follows on the Family Members phone:

  • Download the App to the Family Member’s phone
  • Use the Family Admin login information first time you login oin to the App.
  • Logout again of the App
  • Login to the App using the user name and Password that you created previously.

This way it is possible to create Family Members that does not have an E-mail address.

Daysi is an App that can be installed on any kind of Smartphone running Apple IOS or Android.

The App is downloaded via the Apple AppStore or Google Play.
iPhone / iPad version requires IOS v.8 8 or higher.
Android version requires 5.0 or higher.

Daysi is designed to share all the information between all family members,

All Family Members in a Family who can login to the Daysi Family Calendar will have full rights to view / add / correct / change any data. However, each time a booking is made or changed all Family Members who is on the specific appointments will get a notification on their Phone.

Further, it is however only the Family Administrator who can edit certain general information about the Family’s use of the calendar.

In order to obtain as high level of security as possible while supporting the GDPR rules, Daysi does not have access to your password.
The Family Administrator can change the password for any of the Family Members.
To change the Password for a Family Member, please do as follows:

  • Open the menu by clicking in the upper left corner
  • Select Family Settings
  • Choose a person
  • Select the item “Change password”
  • Enter the new password and click the “Change Password” button

If you have forgotten your password, you can select the item Forgot password from the login image and receive a new password.

Calendar, Notes & Notifications

There are several ways that you can create an appointment or activity.

Go to the Monthly overview (click on the top right icon). Select the person or perhaps the whole family to whom the activity should apply.
Tap the date in the calendar on which the activity should be created and the do as follows:

  • Press the “+” button at the bottom right corner.
  • The screen Add Event appears.
  • Now add the information (What, Where, Who) relevant.
  • If necessary change the duration of the appointment by changing the From/To time
  • If the activity is to be repeated e.g. Fitness, press Repeat and choose the relevant recurring activity.
  • If you or the person must have a “reminder” (press Warning) – default is that the persons will get a reminder 15 mnutes before the event.
  • Finally make a Note for the Appointment.

You can also add an activity from the Weekly view (the left icon on the top right), known by the horizontal bars.
But then it is ONLY an activity that can be added for the current day! Select the person that the activity should be connected to – or the whole Family, and follow the same procedure as described above.

If something should be remembered!
If you or a person would like to be reminded of a thing that is important and which should be remembered, you can simply fill in the Add event from the Monthly overview on the date that is relevant. Press “+” and type under “What” for example. “Change dress at H&M”. Then press “save” and the activity is now listed on the relevant date and under the chosen person.

Note: If no specific time is specified for the activity, the calendar will always write by default. 12:00.

The first time you open the Daysi Family Calendar you will be asked to confirm that Daysi must send you push notifications.
REMEMBER to confirm this for Push notifications.

Daysi will then send you Push notifications in the following cases:

  • When you are booked for an appointment by another family member you will receive a push notification with information about the new appointment.
  • By Default, you will get a “warning”/Push-Notification 15 minutes before the appointment begins.

It is possible to syncronize the Daysi Family Calendar with a number of different, both so you can access your Daysi Calendar in other External Calendars and also to import ther Calendars into Daysi.

Some examples are as follows:

Get access to your personal Daysi Calendar in:

  • iPhone Calendar App
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook-365
  • Outlook 

You can import /subscribe to Appointments from other Calendars into your personal Daysi Calendar from:

  • TeamSnap
  • Team Cowboy
  • TeamApp
  • All Calendars Powered by Blue Sombrero
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook/Outlook-365
Please read more here: Integration to External Calendars

Configuring your Family Calendar

In order to share a person’s Daysi Family Calendar with another Family’s calendar,  the Family Administrator can create this configuration:

  • Go to MENU and then choose Share Persons Calendar.
  • You will now see a list of all Family Members in your Family, and there is a check-box in front of each Family Member.
  • Find the Family member you want to share the calendar for, and create a check-mark in the checkbox Share events with people outside the family
  • Type the E-mail address of the person with whom you want to share the calendar.
  • Press INVITER.
  • An email will now be sent to the e-mail address with information that they have access to a shared calendar.
  • If they do not have the Daysi App, it must be installed and they must create a Daysi Family.
  • When the person has accepted the invitation, the person will now be able to see the shared calendar in their new calendar.
  • If the person is already an administrator for a Daysi family calendar, the person should simply open the Daysi App and accept the invitation to view the shared calendar.

My Daysi Family Calendar

Your Personal information will NOT be deleted if you delete the Daysi iOS or Android app as all data is stored in our Cloud environment.

If you want to access your information again, just sign in with the same information so you can access your entire calendar again.

If you want to have your Family Account deleted compleatly, please send us a mail.

Many app. problems can be solved by deleting the installed app and then re-installing it! This procedure will not adversely affect the already installed data as they already exist on our secure servers – rather than on your phone. When you download the app again, you must log in with the same e-mail address and password that you used when you first downloaded Daysi.

If this procedure has not helped your problem that you are trying to solve, please contact support@daysiapp.com and try to explain the problem you have.

If you have a new phone, it is very easy to transfer all data to it.

Download the Daysi Family Calendar App to  your new phone from either Apple AppStore or GooglePlay and sign in with the same email and password that you originally used when you first downloaded Daysi. After logging in – your original data will be on your new phone.

It’s no problem if you switch from an IOS phone to an Android – or vice versa, it’s the same calendar you access.

Other things

Daysi Family Calendar has two different versions – a Basic version and a Premium version.

The Basic version is free of charge and can be used without any subscription.
The Premium version has extended features and no ads.

Please press here for more information regarding functionality in each of the versions.

Daysi Family Calendar is one of the world’s best online family calendars for smartphones.
We will therefore be sorry to lose you and your family as a user – and in this connection we would like to hear a bit more about the reasons for leaving us as a user.
Here’s how you do it:

  • You must send us an e-mail (support@daysiapp.com) with the following inforation:
    Your Name
  • Your Family Name
  • The E-mail address for the Family Admin
  • Subject text: I want to delete my Daysi account.

And possibly. with a supplementary text why you want to delete it.

Once the account is deleted, all data for all family members will be deleted and cannot be re-established.

Please contact our support team at support@daysiapp.com for any additional questions you have not found in the FAQ! Please include the email address you use in your Daysi account so that our support team can locate your account – to answer your specific question.

Note: Daysi does not have any phone support, but we will answer your question – as soon as possible.


Venligst kontakt vores support team på info@daysi.dk for evt. supplerende spørgsmål du ikke har fundet i FAQ! Venligst inkluder den e-mail adresse du benytter i din Daysi konto, så vores support team kan lokalisere din konto – for besvarelse af dit specifikke spørgsmål.

Note: Daysi har ikke nogen telefon support, men vi vil besvare dit spørgsmål – så hurtigt det er os muligt.

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