Daysi Family Calendar comes in two version 
Basic Version: 
Free Of Charge
Premium Version: 
With Subscription

Below you will find a detailed description
of the functions in the two Versions.

Functions in Basic & Premium Version

The Daysi Family Calendar replaces the calendar you otherwise use in your Family and makes it easier for everyone in your Family to create and get overview of all appointments and activities in your Family. 

Daysi Family Calendar is an App installed on all the Phones in your Family and all Family Members are linked to the Family you create.

Daysi Family Calendar is available both on AppStore & Google Play

The basic version is Free Of Charge – without any subscription or obligations   

For each Family Member in your Family you can either choose a picture or an icon to visualize the Family Members.

Further, each Family Member also has a unique color to symbolize the activities in the different calendar views.

In the Month overview you will see all activities and appointments with small color marks, depending on who in your Family that has the appointment. 

When a new appointment is created, you can easily specify which Family Member(s) to join the appointment and you can also with a single click choose whether it is the whole family to be booked for the agreement.

When you additionally have specified what and where the Appointment is, you can save the Appointment and then is it created.

If you on a Family member specify the persons Birthday, then an Appointment is automatically created in the Family Calendar.

In addition, you can create other annually recurring anniversaries and you can of course also create birthdays for all other friends and family outside of your Daysi Family.

Anniversaries will always appear at the top of the list of appointments on a specific day.

When  you create a new appointment, you can specify whether the appointment should be repeated in a specific frequency.

It is possible to repeat the event with the following fewequency:
Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

You can also specify and End-date for the repetition of the Appointment. 

When someone from your Family books you for a new Appointment – or changes an existing Appointment you will get a notification on your phone.

You will get information about when the new Appointment is and what and where the Appointment takes place.

When a new Appointment is created, one can specify how long time before the Appointment begins that you should receive a notification on your phone.

By default, the time is set to 15 min, so that for all Appointments a notification is sent to you 15 min. before the agreement begins.

On the agreement one can change whether the time period should be longer – eg. 30 minutes, 1 hour or longer.

Functions only in Premium Version

In the Month View, week numbers are shown to the left on the screen.  


All Appointments created in Daysi Family Calendar can automatically be created in your External Calendar – eg. your Work-Calendar.

On the configuration page for a Family Member, you can specify an email address where you want a mail to be sent to each time a new agreement is created. Further, you can also specify if the APpointment created in your External Calendar should be set du “Private”

The following happens if you specify an E-mail address in this field:  

  • An email will be sent to the email address you provided
  • In the mail is a file attached which you just have to open
  • When you open the file and accept that the agreement must be created, it is added to your calendar.

Similarly, if an Appointment is changed or deleted, a mail will be sent to you as well, where you need to do the same.

With this function, you can get your Work Calendar automatically updated so the time-slot also are reserved in your Work Calendar

It is very easy to configure the Calendar for a specific Family Member to be visible to another Family.

This functions i very usefull if if the parents are divorced and the children belongs to two different Families. Both Families will have access to the Child’s Calendar, and can create new Appointments etc.  

The following needs to be down:

  • Each parent creates his/her own Family in Daysi.
  • The parents agrees which Daysi Family that the Child/Children should be crated in
  • In the Daysi Family where the Child/Children are created (Family-1) the Family Admin sends an invitation to the Family Admin of the other parent Daysi Family (Family-2).
  • The Family Admin of Family-2 accepts the invitation and the Child/Children will be visible in Calendar of Family-2

This feature gives both parents an overview of the Child/Children appointments and activities and make planning so much easier.

It can be nice to have the Weekly Calendar hanging in the kitchen or on the notice board in the apartment.

Therefore, Daysi also has a function where the calendar for a specific week can be printed on paper.

There are many calendar systems today that are used for different specific purposes – for example Calendars for Sports Clubs, School Calendars etc.

At Daysi, we want to give you as compleate an overview of all your families appointments and activities, and we have therefpre made it possible to import these Appointments from External Calendars.

This means that The Daysi Family Calendar can give you a compleate overview of all your appointments and activities by also importing the appointments from external calendars.

TeamSnap, Team Cowboy, InstaTeam and TeamApp are some examples of Calendar systems that are used in Sports Clobs. 

Read more about how to get your Daysi Calendar integrated with a number of different external Calendar systems.Daysi ‎

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