Up To 8 Family Members

Up to 8 family members can be created in a family.
Each Family Member downloads the Daysi App to their phone and logs into Daysi with the user information created by the Family Administrator.

Picture on all Family Members

All Family Members are created with their own image so it is easy to find the right person. In addition, each family member has their own color which is used to symbolize the appointments associated with the person.

Birthdays & Special Events

All birthdays on family members are automatically created on appointments if the date is set on the person.
In addition, other events can be created that are automatically repeated each year. This can be used for birthdays on other people outside the family or special events such as wedding day and other anniversaries.


All holidays connected to the country where the phone is located when the Familoy is created are automatically created in the family calendar and are clearly marked in both the Month overview and the Weekly schedule.
Holidays in other countries can also be entered manually if desired.

Create Appointments for the whole Family of single persons

It is fast and easy to create new Appointments and connect them to either the whole Family at the same time, or individual persons in the Family.

Recurring Appointments - day/week/month

When creating a new Appointments it can be configured to be recurring with a daily/weekly or monthly frequence.


The Family Calendar has an integrated notification system, which ensures that everyone in the family is notified directly on their phone when creating or changing activities in which that person is to participate.


In the Free version, some small Banner ads appear at the bottom of the screen - and in addition, a full-screen ad appears in between when after the appointment window is closed.

Month Overview

The Month Overview provides a quick overview of all appointments in the family with their own color for each family member.
The calendar can be filtered for a single family member by clicking on the person. By clicking on a specific day of the month - the day schedule for the selected day appears, with all the details of the appointments that are on the selected day

Week Plan with Appointment List

The Weekly schedule shows all appointments and activities for a week with detailed information about the individual appointments.
The weekly schedule can also be filtered for a family member by clicking on that person.

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